Delivering two central set elements for Doja Cat, The Scarlet Tour

In a project that proved to be a perfect blend of unique creative, challenging fabrication and fun delivery, NEWSUBSTANCE was approached to design and build two central set elements for popular music artist Doja Cat’s US tour. 

In collaboration with Silent House and Michael Curry Design, our team successfully realised the artists creative vision of a giant puppeteered spider and an oversized eyeball complete with optic LED nerve.

Forming the main icon elements for the duration of the tour, these two pieces truly captivated audiences and appropriately conjured a sense of otherworldly bizarreness that helped to execute the rapper’s creative, unearthly aesthetic. 

It was a pleasure to work alongside such a fantastic team of creatives, designers, production specialists and tour organisers to help create this spectacular show for Doja Cat and The Scarlet Tour.

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