Expo 2020 Dubai

Design, delivery and creative development for the Expo 2020 Dubai opening ceremony

For the Opening Ceremony of the long-awaited Expo 2020 Dubai we worked closely with ceremony producers, FiveCurrents, on the design and delivery of the show. As part of the original creative and development team we collaborated to advance the vision for the project and facilitated multiple R+D phases to ensure the creative ambition matched what could be delivered on site.

Additionally, we worked to design, fabricate and install two distinctive set elements to the show. Our aerial piece comprised seven colossal clouds that danced effervescently above the stage for Ellie Goulding’s performance; they beamed with bright and undulating colours.

At another pivotal moment in the show our intricate kinetic planet formed a centrepiece to the ceremony. The pendulous globe dominated the space; it emerged vividly as a glowing ball of lava, with video content running through each distinct LED ring, later transforming into a mass of coloured continents and moving land forms in seamless, ever-revolving animation. Made up from a series of concentric rings it was set under the stage floor before rising up high into the centre of Al Wasl Plaza to a live audience of 3000 people and millions online globally. 

Building to the show finale, seven of our colossal clouds flew centre stage; dancing effervescently above Ellie Goulding’s performance, they beamed with bright and undulating colours bringing the Expo 2020 Dubai Opening Ceremony to a close.

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Dubai, UAE

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