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NEWSUBSTANCE were tasked with designing, creating and installing the kinetic scenic elements for Through The Echoes – an immense multimedia masterpiece conceived by multidisciplinary artist Gabriel Coutu Dumont, that tells of the evolution of life from the Big Bang to today.Our principle focus was the design, fabrication, delivery and installation of all the show’s 286 physical components.

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Through the Echoes is a 60-minute multimedia show, and the PY1 Pyramid, The Temple of Innovation, is a new touring venue specifically designed for the presentation of multi-sensory shows and immersive experiences, custom-produced and the first of its kind.

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Lune Rouge Entertainment

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Montreal, Canada

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Opening on the 5thJune, Through the Echoes was presented at the PY1 pyramid, a touring venue created by Lune Rouge Entertainment and Guy Laliberté.

NEWSUBSTANCE created intricately designed, 3D printed and hand-finished a total of 444 LED lighting fixtures that were internally illuminated by fully controllable RGB LEDs, as well as variable lengths of pixel tubes; these were 360-degree, frosted LED tubes with custom prismatic acrylic tips on high-speed fourteen metre winch lines. The speed, brightness and controllable kinetic gave the team huge scope within the show, supporting a variety of stories from crashing ocean waves to blossoming trees in the final scene.

Articulating via eight base actuators and a custom control system, the Orb opens and beckons down our final creation from the Apex in the roof: a self-expanding sphere. Machined from over five hundred solid billets of aluminium this beautiful sculptural piece can expand to over four times its original size. Reminiscent of the Big Bang itself, this sphere is lowered into the space and expands, dominating the room whilst performing alongside a range of breathtaking laser, lighting and special effects.  With no internal mechanics the design allows for smooth and seamless expansion at variable speeds, with only its self-weight and two winches as a mode of articulation.