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When Cirque de Soleil founder, Guy Laliberté, emerged back on the scene with his new studio, Lune Rouge, he wanted his return to be bold. Guy invited us to join the creative team to help bring his enormously ambitious, immersive theatre offering to life.

As part of the creative development team we worked with the director to shape the show’s narrative, and went on to lead the design, fabrication, delivery and installation of all physical elements of the show. Our imposing orb, layered intricately with textures, materials and mystery, was the centrepiece for the multimedia experience.

During a finale sequence the huge, otherworldly form, cracked open in a dramatic performance, erupting with lasers and light. This triggered our cascade of kinetic lighting sculptures from the apex of the pyramid venue. Hundreds of 3D-printed, hand-finished pieces undulated in ethereal flight around our expanding sphere; the geometric metal form descended elegantly with power and precision, growing to four times its original size.

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Lune Rouge Entertainment

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Montreal, Canada

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