Paddy Power – Oprah For President

Realising a hyper realistic Oprah waxwork for a mobile PR stunt


NEWSUBSTANCE were approached by Paddy Power to design and deliver a hyper realistic Oprah Winfrey figure in a rolling display case for a PR Stunt to coincide with President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom.

Event Statistics

Oprah joined the 100,000 + demonstrators at the “carnival of resistance” in London culminating with a large rally in Trafalgar Square.

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Paddy Power

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Working closely with Paddy Power we started with a reference pack of images of Oprah in order to collectively decide the best route to go down in terms of her look and importantly her stance. Once decided upon we used a model to enable us to produce an accurate life cast to create the body onto which Oprah’s head would be placed. The head was the next and most complex phase. A painstaking process followed with the detailed and intricate sculpting of her features, refined and refined over a period of weeks. Once we were happy with the likeness the sculpture was cast in wax before the highly skilled process of hand painting by our waxwork artist began.  This was a critical moment as with any high profile waxwork model immediate recognition factor and life like representation is paramount.

With the head completed the hair was stitched in by hand. We had agreed the style from the earlier reference document deciding that she wear it down. We also decided not to obscure her face at all by introducing glasses.

With her head reinforced with fibreglass for durability, it was sleeved onto the torso and secured. Her outfit needed to match the real life sartorial elegance we have come to know of Oprah whilst addressing certain demands of a waxwork figure. We proposed a long sleeve, full length custom designed and handmade gown to help ensure her arms and feet remained covered. Our stretched velvet, V-neck outfit was stitched onto the body. Detailing was then required on her hands. Jewellery was researched and selected to compliment the outfit.



The finished and dressed figure was then installed into a custom fabricated rolling display case. The display was precision manufactured using a blend of metal work and carpentry finished with clear polycarbonate panels on the front and sides to which graphics could be applied. A hinged panel in the top of the display case allowed for a secondary reveal of further messaging. To finish a run of LED trim was installed around the interior of the case to add an element of drama.