NEWSUBSTANCE launch exciting new performance drone joint venture.

By Mungo Denison — June 26, 2018

NEWSUBSTANCE and SKYMAGIC have come together in an exciting joint venture to deliver performance drone shows around the world. Over the last five years, both companies have been at the vanguard of drone-based light shows. By joining forces as one company with offices in Europe and Asia, SKYMAGIC is positioned to truly push the boundaries of artistic performance, harnessing the latest cutting-edge drone technologies to deliver spectacular entertainment solutions around the globe – in both outdoor and indoor environments.

SKYMAGIC Director Patrick O’Mahony comments: “Our business is live events and creative design – we understand the vision behind a project and bring fresh ideas to the table. Speaking the same creative language has long been a key part of our ability to deliver truly spectacular elements within larger shows and events. As one of only a few companies in the world with the resource, expertise and vision to deliver performance drones, we are delighted to announce our new drone venture and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Autonomously flown, swarm drone performances add a unique element to events, leaving audiences amazed, inspired and with lasting memories.”

Drone technology is now an established field and in recent years its use in creating aerial displays at largescale ceremonies and live events has become more prevalent. While many of these performances have, on some level, been designed as a showcase or platform for tech giants, the work of SKYMAGIC is different. With a strong background in developing imaginative event solutions for the creative industry, the company is able to deliver shows that push boundaries to create something that is artistically innovative.

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