An insight into Health & Safety

By James Bawn — July 31, 2020

One ‘safe’ step ahead:

As a certified Technical member of IOSH (Institute of Occupational Health & Safety) and a keen advocate of Health & Safety, I am the person that ensures our wonderful creative works are delivered and installed in a legal, safe and practical way. This often encompasses many varied parts of the Health & Safety regulations from risk assessing and analysis, MEWPs, worker welfare through to rigging inspections. I spend at least an hour each day reading the latest Health & Safety updates and news from the various bodies like IOSH, NEBOSH and the HSE. This keeps us at the leading edge of the latest legislation.


Safety Culture:

As I’m writing this I am very proud of the safety culture within our company, this runs throughout staff and sub contractors. If you embrace a positive attitude towards Health & Safety it’s a great start and often a key task for any safety officer within a group or organisation. I feel Health & Safety culture has improved massively in the last 10 years, not only within the creative arts industries but across manufacturing, construction sectors plus many more. Of course, there will always be sectors that need improvement but attitudes are changing and this is a key driving factor. It was only recent (and probably still used) when the term ‘elf and safety’ was batted around site. I now see contractors and staff taking active roles ensuring their co-workers are safe as they are more engaged with the safety culture. Legislation and legal requirements have played a big part in these behavioural changes, but embedding a positive and safe culture within your working environment is absolutely key.


Wellness & Wellbeing:

It goes without saying that Covid-19 has had a massive impact on everyone’s lives. As some companies are gearing up to return to normality it’s very easy to overlook the wellness and wellbeing of staff and co-workers. At the moment there is a big drive from the various industry bodies to focus on mental health. The current Covid-19 outbreak has brought the importance of wellness and wellbeing practices and measures into the forefront of people’s minds. Mental health awareness has risen significantly and there are some great individual support groups openly accessible even within our small industry like ‘Music Support’. It is more important than ever to look out for each other not just by ‘footing a ladder’ but talking and seeking professional help, there is lots out there.


Stay safe.


James Bawn TechIOSH

Production Manager NEWSUBSTANCE

Technical Member of IOSH (Institution of Occupational Health & Safety)

Nebosh National Diploma in Health & Safety