From Interning to Entering

By Ollie Howitt — October 27, 2020

Working life over the last few months has encountered major transitions; from offices to home desks, creative sessions to zoom calls, clusters of colleagues to self-isolation…

For me, this period has involved yet another monumental shift, one that has seen me move from studying as an undergraduate of Film, Photography and Media BA Hons, to entering into the Creative Industries’ workforce at NEWSUBSTANCE.

Having undertaken a year-long internship at NEWSUBSTANCE from 2017-18, the Directors subsequently offered me a graduate position as their Creative Coordinator – an opportunity I accepted in earnest. The transition back to University to complete my degree, following what was an immensely thrilling and experiential work placement year, took some adjusting… Admittedly, the experience of flying out to Abu Dhabi as a member of the onsite crew to install a kinetic scenic element for the National Day Opening Ceremony just about trumped the library, just about.

By the same token, emerging from the depths of academic work after procuring a First Class Honours, and returning back into the fold at NEWSUBSTANCE this September in a role much higher than my previous position, has presented me with rich and rife opportunity; ideation, conception and development of creatives is where my fascination has flourished. While new responsibilities require challenges to be overcome, rather than shying away, I prefer to dive into these with zeal.

After being back with the team for just two months, I feel I have settled into my ‘new’ role and found where I fit (albeit via video call). At a time that doesn’t easily spark creativity, I’ll continue working to help co-ordinate the myriad of our creative endeavours, keep developing and visualising artistic concepts, and stay fixated on the many exciting projects still yet to come.

— Written by

Ollie Howitt

— Date

October 27, 2020

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